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Burning Down the House

October 22, 2012

West Virginia fans for almost ten solid years have been the butt of couch burning hillbilly jokes during football games or online. I live in Pittsburgh and I get a close hand at the atrocities of the typical stereotypes of WV. When we lost to Pitt in ’07 for a chance at the National Title game, as a senior in high school I came home to bricks being thrown in my house and Let’s go Pitt spray painted all over my house. One kid in high school called me “a fat redneck who burns couches and f**** your cousin” Come on dude, really, you have known me your whole life since preschool and I have given you nothing but the most friendship and respect. Needless to say, I have not talked to that kid since that day. This couch burning connotation that WVU has is very deserved in some eyes. With the 22 Bin Laden fires and the the beginning of the burnings with the ’03 Virginia Tech upset, I have found that WVU students want to increase this habit. I have been a part of celebrations in which I have seen peers add to the fire, and the best you can do is walk away. When I was 13, we beat #3 Va. Tech on a cold night in Morgantown in which WVU students rushed the field to celebrate. Things got out of hand as normal when WVU wins and the state police were there spraying our students like it was a calmed down version of the Holocaust. Kids went down left and right. WVU police and enforcers of the burnings rule cannot simply handle the masses of WVU drunk kids. The police enforcement is too low to take care of fires on Grant, High and Willey Streets. I see no end in near unless if Morgantown is serious about this and wants to bring in SWAT teams. I know this may seem over the top to some of you, but I sure as hell will not start a fire if a SWAT team is standing right next to me. Words of the wise: do NOT get too drunk. If you do, Celebrate not Congregate. Go Mountaineers


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